Elmoris, JSC has been in business for 28 years. It is the biggest company in the Baltic States that produces lug caps and provides the services of tinplate coating and printing.


Our mission

To help provide the world with diverse food in sustainable packaging all year round.

Our vision

To become the benchmark for lug cap manufacturers.

Our values

Customer, Quality, Team


Our company uses reliable German and English equipment as well as raw materials from the best suppliers of Western Europe. We apply a good manufacturing practice, therefore our clients can get high-quality products, produced within the shortest period of time. The speed of our stamping lines ranges from 15,000 to 69,000 lug caps per hour and our tinplate coating and printing lines reach the efficiency of up to 7,000 plates per hour. During the first years of our practice, we manufactured 3.4 million lug caps per year, whereas in 2022 we could make 121 million lug caps per month. The equipment and manufacturing processes are being improved constantly, so our production rate continuously increases.

In 1998, I thought: If we make 10 million lug caps per year, everything is going to be great. In 2017, we made 75 million lug caps per month, though we could even make 100 million.

Gintaras Klovas, the owner of the company

Strategic objectives

Operating activities
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To understand, foresee and fulfil the needs of our clients in the best possible way

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To conduct manufacturing while protecting the environment

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To develop manufacturing technologie

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To systematically improve the qualifications of all level employees


To constantly improve the integrated quality management system, according to the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BRCGS standards


Our company manufactures and sells lug caps of different diameter (from 38 to 100 mm), colour and design (provided by us or requested by the client). They may include a safety button, and are used for pasteurisation or sterilisation. We utilisea wide assortment of raw materials: tinplateof different thickness, length and width; matte or glossy coating suitable for contact with food or industrial materials; BPA-NI coating; more than 2,300 “Pantone” colours of paint for food packaging and an unlimited number of colours in one design.


Since 2015, our company has been manufacturingthe eco-innovative PVC-free lug caps, whosemigration of particles from hermetic material to the product is significantly lower than in the standard ones. They are suitable for closing productseven for the most sensitive consumers. There are three different diametersto choose from and we are willing to extend the assortment based on the needs of our customers.


Our production meets the highest EU requirements. This is ensured by the quality control specialists working around the clock. Quality is monitored in every step of manufacturing: we inspect every batch of raw materials, coating materials before and after the coating process, as well as printedtinplates and stamped lug caps. Our production is monitored by the automated “Vision” system and additional inspections arecarried out by our specialists. Tests are performed in our indoor laboratory and periodically inan accredited Swiss laboratory to ensure the safety of our lug caps and their compliance with all the newest EU requirements.


As our company developed and acquired more manufacturing equipment, the number of technical development projects increased along with an increasing demand for spare parts. The Department of Technical introduces and conducts innovative solutions as well as improves the previous ones. By successfully implementing them, we increase the efficiency of our manufacturing equipment and the quality of our production, while at the same time reducing the costs. Our company designs and manufactures new equipment, provides the services of installing it, manufactures the spare parts, diversifies the assortment, designs projects for technical development. 


In its early years our company supplied the market of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia; in 1998, we started exporting to countries in the eastern region. Subsequently, the map of our export market grew larger and currently we are the leading lug cap manufacturers in the Baltic States as well as one of the leading companies in the market of Northern Europe. Nowadays, 93% of our production is exported to 50 foreign countries. Not only do we manufacture and sell the goods, but also liaise with our clients and look after our production until it reaches the final consumer. 


In 1997, our company had only 2 employees, but at present our team consists of more than 245 specialists. We provide our workers with opportunities to progress in their careers: the majority of our heads of departments started to work as assistants and are now leading their own teams. We do not only work together, but also learn, improve our competences and qualifications, share small and big celebrations, spend leisure time and participate in annual sports competitions. Our team grew bigger; therefore, since 2010 we have been organising “Elmoriada“, an annual, traditional celebration that gathers our team together, strengthens relationships among team members. The comfort of our workers is of high importance, so we created resting areas and provide our employees with a friendly environment. We are socially responsible and donate to charitable organisations. 


Our company has obtained the certificates of EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 (in 2008) and BRCGS (in 2013). These certificates provide our client with the guarantee that the safety and quality of our production is being controlled in every step of manufacturing, from the choosing of raw materials to the delivery of the product.

Environment protection

GE logo ENG 2Our company is concerned about environmental protection: we use eco-friendly raw materials, implement pollution control, prudently and rationally utilise natural resources. We always look for coating and paint with as few environmental hazards as possible. By creating the PVC-free manufacturing line, we do not only provide our customers with eco-friendly products, but also protect the environment, since the PVC-free sealing compound does not emit any harmful substances into the atmosphere. We started to use “Low energy” UV paint in our manufacturing process, so in the future we are going to be able to manufacture products of the same quality using ten times less electricity.


In 2016, we began implementing the LEAN system that creates a culture of constant improvement. We involve all our employees in every process of the company and improve our effectiveness: we accomplish the same tasks with fewer resources.

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