As our company developed and acquired more manufacturing equipment, the number of technical development projects increased along with the demand for spare parts and repair work. The Department of Technical creates and introduces technical solutions as well as improves the current ones. With their successful implementation, the efficiency of our manufacturing equipment and the quality of our production increases, while at the same time the costs are reduced.


  • We design and manufacture new equipment: create drawings, realise automatic and machinery parts.
  • We take all the steps necessary to install the acquired or self-manufactured equipment: from unloading the lorry to assembling and calibrating the equipment and making it ready for manufacturing.
  • We manufacture our spare parts ourselves. When we used to order the parts from other manufacturers, their delivery would take around 2 months and our expenses would increase. Once we started manufacturing the parts ourselves, we obtained them 10 times faster and cheaper. This allows us to optimise the downtime of our lines and improve their efficiency.
  • We manufacture equipment parts requested by the client.
  • We create 3D models using “AutoCAD” and “Solidworks” software.
  • We restore, improve and update our equipment to enhance its efficiency, reduce expenses and the probability of spoilage.
  • We diversify the assortment of lug caps by creating their drawings in new, non-standard diameters and forms, as well as manufacturing the stamps and integrating them into our equipment.
  • We design projects of technical development. We arrange our equipment and workspaces for maximum efficiency, design communications networks, lighting systems, paths for walking and driving both indoors and outdoors.

Our machinery

  • Lathe with a digital ruler (a precision of up to 0.01 mm)
  • CNC turn/mill machine with active tools and an additional Y axis
  • CNC grinding machine, suitable for grinding wolfram carbide
  • Lathe (for workpieces of up to 1.9 m)
  • Mill machine with a digital ruler (a precision of up to 0.01 mm)
  • Plain grinding machine
  • Sharpening machine
  • Tempering furnace

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