PVC-free lug caps are an exclusive product in our assortment.

These lug caps are particularly safe and eco-friendly:

  • They are made using thermoplastic materials (TPE) instead of PVC and the softener it requires. Therefore, the migration of particles from the hermetic material to the product is significantly above the threshold set by the regulation of the Commission of the European Union (No. 10/2011).
  • They are suitable for closing products even for the most sensitive consumers.
  • The sealing compound used in manufacturing the product and its utilisation do not emit any harmful substances into the atmosphere.
  • They meet all the EU requirements.
  • Only BPA-NI coatings are used on the inside of the lug caps.

These lug caps, as usual, are suitable for storing various food products: sweet, acidic, sour, fatty food, and others. The eco-friendly lug caps are manufactured on Italian stamping lines, using only high-quality raw materials from West European manufacturers.

PVC-free lug caps can be:

  • Of 53, 63, 66 or 82 mm diameter
  • With or without a safety button
  • Monochromatic or multicoloured
  • Designed by the client or ourselves 

Starting to use PVC-free lug caps does not require any additional expenses:

  • It does not require any supplementary equipment.
  • The lug caps are suitable for standard processes of pasteurisation and sterilisation.

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