6 March marks 25 years of practice for Elmoris, JSC.

 "We celebrate this anniversary in our new home – a brand new factory. If we recalled this day 25 years ago and looked at Elmoris today, we would be astonished by all the changes and advancements. For instance, our business started with a lug cap production volume of just around 3.7 million per year. This year, we manufactured 102.4 million in February alone. The numbers speak for themselves!" says CEO Gintaras Klovas. "In those days we used a single low-efficiency stamping line. Today our factory operates around the clock with multiple tinplate cutting, coating, printing and lug cap stamping lines. Our entire team at Elmoris is proud of these accomplishments."

20210308 080406 2Even though the pandemic and national quarantine prevented a gathering of all employees, we celebrated the anniversary with music and sweets. We had festive gifts for our employees, who in turn wrote wishes for the company, hoping for long years of success:


  • 25 years of growth, improvement, moving forwards and rising upwards! Our teamwork makes us strong, competitive and prominent. I hope for the team to only grow stronger, the client circle to expand and for the name of Elmoris to sound louder!

  • I wish for all expressed dreams to come true, and silent goals to be reached.

  • I hope for enormous growth! Factories in every continent.

  • Wishing for an anniversary of 125 years!

  • It is an immense pleasure to work in a constantly growing company that doesn’t stay put. Wishing for that to never end!

  • Hoping for you to maintain such a strong and wonderful team!

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